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Awesome one of a kind limited edition clothes that no one can find anywhere else in the world. Fresh Tops ^_^  Our daily motivation is providing unique fashion styles while using a portion of our proceeds to some of our customers favorite non profit organizations (save the animals, mental health, save wild life) all over the world.
The ingredients to the recipe of imagination that makes Just Girly Wishes are equal parts bubblegum, glitter and fun. Just Girly Wishes girl stands apart from the crowd so that others can see her more closely. She's brave, funny and kind—the picture of teenage bliss. She styles her cut-offs with a brand new Just Girly Wishes tank and Vans slip-ons, pulls back her long flowing mermaid hair to show off her sun-kissed shoulders shimmering with glitter, while holding a Strawberry Frappuccino in one hand and her smartphone in the other. These girls of summer take selfies like professionals and hashtag feverishly to gain more followers. Just Girly Wishes is a one-stop shop, capturing the California coolness that many desire, but only a few really enjoy. Legions of fans through Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram, see their wishes transformed into trendy cropped tees, tanks, leggings and crew neck sweater styles.
Just Girly Wishes gives a voice to this digitally connected generation that seeks individuality in the coolest, freshest ways. With new styles updated weekly, and choices to style year-round, Fresh tops runs non-stop on Red Bull energy and unicorn dreams.




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